Cancel and escalate Power Automate approval request

Power Automate Approvals are well integrated within Microsoft Teams, Outlook and so on. The adaptive cards are great. Assuming you have one of the use cases below, there is an easy way to solve the use case: If a user didn’t answer in 30 minutes, escalate to the backup personIf a user didn’t answer in 1 hour, escalate to the …

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Canvas Power App many-to-many relationships in Teams project Oakdale

power apps many to many relationship

Since you can make Power Apps in Microsoft Teams, you can also use a light version of CDS for free. With this light version of CDS, we can use a relational database that supports complex relationships between entities (tables). With SharePoint as a data layer, we can only do lookups to create 1-1 or 1-N relationships. Now that we have …

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