Power Platform

Encodian, Adobe and Plumsail PDF connectors compared

Manipulating documents is important in many organizations. Power Automate out of the box does not provide actions to do everything you want. When you are manipulating documents, below features pop-up in many use cases. Merging multiple PDF’s into one PDFMerging multiple documents (mix of PDF’s and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, … files) into one PDFMerging multiple documents, but not the first …

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Cancel and escalate Power Automate approval request

Power Automate Approvals are well integrated within Microsoft Teams, Outlook and so on. The adaptive cards are great. Assuming you have one of the use cases below, there is an easy way to solve the use case: If a user didn’t answer in 30 minutes, escalate to the backup personIf a user didn’t answer in 1 hour, escalate to the …

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Environment variables in shared mailbox trigger/action

Environment variables are supported for many actions like SharePoint Online, Dataverse and so on. It can happen that sometimes you cannot select the environment variable in your flow, which gives the impression that you cannot use environment variables there. A good example of such a trigger is the “When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox (V2)” trigger. You …

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Data source environment variables within the Power Platform

A new feature has landed within the Power Platform: data source environment variables. They can be used in Power Apps as well in Power Automate. In this blogpost we will focus in Power Automate. Microsoft mentions in their blogpost that it doesn’t use a premium feature/license which is great news. When you’re developing some more advanced Power Platform solutions, you …

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Adobe Sign digital signatures in SharePoint Online and Power Automate

Digital signatures are popular. Adobe Sign is one of the popular connectors for Power Automate but they are not the only one, you also have following companies that have a Power Automate connector: DocuSignConnective… In this blog post we will focus on the Adobe Sign connector. Probably you think that you can only “sign” documents with the connector, but there …

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Sharing Flow or Power App with O365 M365 group

microsoft 365 group power apps flow

Power Apps and Flows within Power Automate can be shared with a M365/O365 group only if you make this group security enabled. In this blogpost I will use both the term M365 groups and O365 groups. Office 365 groups were renamed to Microsoft 365 groups. To check if a M365 group is security enabled, you need PowerShell. To make it …

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Limitations of Project Oakdale in Teams

project oakdale limitations

Project Oakdale opens the road to a new data layer and many new features that were not available yet. Until now, we had following choices to store the data of a Power App: SharePointSQL (Premium connector)CDS (Premium connector)… Previously, CDS was premium. With Project Oakdale, you can use some kind of light CDS that is included in most of the …

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Power Automate and Project Oakdale in Teams

power automate cds new item record

In my previous blogpost about Power Apps and Project Oakdale, we learned how to create an app with a many-to-many relationship using the new light version of CDS that was introduced together with Project Oakdale. In that blogpost, we created some tables. One of them is the “Company” table. It can occur that a company does not exist in the …

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Feature wish list Power Platform 2020

power platform features wish list

Microsoft’s Power Platform evolves every day with new features being released. New connectors, actions and other features are released frequently. However, I’m still missing some features. Below you can find my personal wish for the Power Platform. Better approvalsRemindersEscalationNot separated per environment“For a selected item” triggered flows in non-default environmentsAlso needed in solution packagesInstant flows in solution packagesEnvironment variables for …

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