Power Platform Governance

Disable Power Apps canvas app sharing

Environments within the Power Platform are containers that can be created per department, service, project, … Depending on your environment strategy, you may want to block sharing of Power Apps canvas apps. Example 1: The default environment The default environment is accessible for everyone. Best practice is to not start developing business applications in this environment and to just use …

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Analyse your Power Platform API requests, usage & errors

Power Apps, Power Automate, AI Builder, Power Virtual Agents and certain Dynamics components use API requests. As described in the Request limits & allocations, a user account can do a limited amount of API requests every 24 hours. Analytics section for a flow in Power Automate This blogposts gives basic insights about the situation in 2020, it might change in …

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Limitations of Project Oakdale in Teams

project oakdale limitations

Project Oakdale opens the road to a new data layer and many new features that were not available yet. Until now, we had following choices to store the data of a Power App: SharePointSQL (Premium connector)CDS (Premium connector)… Previously, CDS was premium. With Project Oakdale, you can use some kind of light CDS that is included in most of the …

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Why you need service accounts for the Power Platform

When you’re building Flows & Power Apps in the Power Platform, you are probably creating it with your personal O365 account instead of using a service account. This means that you are currently the only owner of this Flow. This is not an issue if you’re building it for your own personal productivity. The Flow currently has only one owner …

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Why use solution packages in the Power Platform

Solution packages can be created within environments in the Power Platform. When you go to https://flow.microsoft.com/ or https://make.powerapps.com/home, you can click on “Solutions”. The menu item via which you can access Solutions When you are on the Solutions page, you will be able to see all solution packages. Important to know is that by default a lot of solution packages …

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