Microsoft 365

Syncing O365 groups and AD security groups

sync ad groups o365 groups

A lot of organizations manage their accounts (for employees) in (Azure) Active Directory and have a lot of security groups that contain people based on their organization structure. Security group in Azure Active Directory If that company also uses Office 365, they have to manage O365 groups. In this article I will use both terms O365 groups and M365 groups. …

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Overview of all types of groups in Office 365

microsoft 365 groups

Back to when we only had SharePoint, we had SharePoint groups to configure security. Now that we have Office 365, we have a lot of groups and these groups all have differences. In this blogpost I will try to create a comparison of all groups combined with their advantages and disadvantages. SharePoint groupsSecurity groupsMail enabled security groupsDistribution listsO365 groups, or …

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Sharing Flow or Power App with O365 M365 group

microsoft 365 group power apps flow

Power Apps and Flows within Power Automate can be shared with a M365/O365 group only if you make this group security enabled. In this blogpost I will use both the term M365 groups and O365 groups. Office 365 groups were renamed to Microsoft 365 groups. To check if a M365 group is security enabled, you need PowerShell. To make it …

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