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Data source environment variables within the Power Platform

A new feature has landed within the Power Platform: data source environment variables. They can be used in Power Apps as well in Power Automate. In this blogpost we will focus in Power Automate. Microsoft mentions in their blogpost that it doesn’t use a premium feature/license which is great news. When you’re developing some more advanced Power Platform solutions, you …

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Convert populated Word document to PDF

Generating a Word document in Power Automate can be achieved with the premium Word connector “Populate a Microsoft Word template”. Converting it to PDF can be achieved with the Word connector. The way how it works is not logic, this is the reason why I wrote this blog post. The Word connector has two actions: On the internet, I see …

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Adobe Sign digital signatures in SharePoint Online and Power Automate

Digital signatures are popular. Adobe Sign is one of the popular connectors for Power Automate but they are not the only one, you also have following companies that have a Power Automate connector: DocuSignConnective… In this blog post we will focus on the Adobe Sign connector. Probably you think that you can only “sign” documents with the connector, but there …

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Adobe PDF Tools connector for Power Automate

With Power Automate we were already able to convert documents to PDF using the OneDrive connector. Converting to PDF with OneDrive is a free but not so efficient way because you need to save the file on a OneDrive before it can be converted. Third party connectors other than Adobe PDF Tools also provide connectors to convert to PDF. Merging …

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Create SharePoint Online site collections in bulk from CSV

Sometimes, you don’t need to create one SharePoint site collection, you need to create multiple site collections in bulk. To achieve this we will need to follow the steps below: Install SharePoint Online Management ShellCreate a CSV file with all the site collections you want to createConnect to your SharePoint Online tenantCreate the site collections In this blogpost, we will …

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PowerApps bypass consent when opening app the first time

Sharing a Power App with a user gives the user the rights to run the Power App. Every user that runs the Power App for the first time, needs to allow some services (connectors) that the Power App connects with. This can occur when the app is ran from a SharePoint page or directly from the Power Apps portal. You …

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PowerApps CountRows() to count rows in nested Dataverse table

Dataverse (for Teams) (old name is CDS) supports relationships between data. When you set up a data model, you can create nested tables. Let’s imagine that a parent table “Company” has a relationship with a “Project” table. The “Project” table has a relationship with a “Task” table. If you want to show how many “Project” rows a “Company” row has, …

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Power Automate Desktop RPA licensing

Power Automate Desktop

A while ago, Microsoft bought WinAutomation from Softomotive and made a huge step forward by providing RPA software. As expected, they are integrating WinAutomation into Power Automate. The RPA product is called Power Automate Desktop. Microsoft is working on a migration experience from WinAutomation or older UI Flows to Power Automate Desktop. Which licenses exist? For RPA scenarios, following licenses …

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Power Automate (CDS) daily approval reminders

power automate approval reminders

Approvals in Power Automate are very useful to automate approval processes. Unfortunately, some functionalities are still missing, including approval reminders. Searching on the internet returned some results to provide approval reminders but they all had shortcomings which you can find below. The solution uses a lot of API calls (do-until loops that are constantly running to send reminders). Discover why …

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