Power Automate

Power Automate and Project Oakdale in Teams

power automate cds new item record

In my previous blogpost about Power Apps and Project Oakdale, we learned how to create an app with a many-to-many relationship using the new light version of CDS that was introduced together with Project Oakdale. In that blogpost, we created some tables. One of them is the “Company” table. It can occur that a company does not exist in the …

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Secure inputs and secure outputs in Power Automate

power automate secure input secure output

The run history of a flow tells a lot about the data you are processing with your flow. Sometimes it can contain sensitive data. When you ran your flow, you see a lot of data when you click on an action. For this action, we don’t see sensitive data. But if you do a query on a list that contains …

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“When an item or file is modified” trigger conditions

trigger conditions file item modified power automate

Power Automate and SharePoint already had an action to start a flow when an item/file was created or modified. But not yet an action for when an item is modified only. With this new “When an item or file is modified trigger” action, we can trigger a flow when for example a status column has been modified. A status column …

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Generate a PDF in Power Automate without premium subscription

generate pdf power automate

I needed to generate a PDF in a Power Automate flow, without premium subscriptions. Using the Word actions was not an option because they are premium. Premium Word actions in Power Automate After thinking a little bit, I found out I could achieve generating a PDF by using a combination of following actions: ComposeCreate file (OneDrive)Convert file (OneDrive) Building the …

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