Power Automate

Power Automate (CDS) daily approval reminders

power automate approval reminders

Approvals in Power Automate are very useful to automate approval processes. Unfortunately, some functionalities are still missing, including approval reminders. Searching on the internet returned some results to provide approval reminders but they all had shortcomings which you can find below. The solution uses a lot of API calls (do-until loops that are constantly running to send reminders). Discover why …

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Power Automate list items permissions and SharePoint Groups

power automate item permissions sharepoint groups

Power Automate has multiple actions to break and assign permissions for SharePoint list items. An action to assign list item permissions to a SharePoint Group is not available at this moment. Removing item permissions To remove list item permissions, you only need to fill in the site address, list/library name and the ID. This action removes all kinds of permissions …

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Generate multiple pages PDF in Power Automate

On one of my previous blogposts about generating a PDF in Power Automate without premium subscription, I got a question if it is possible to generate a PDF of more than one page. The goal is generating a multiple pages PDF without buying premium licenses or paid third party connectors. I started investigating and started trying out the CSS page-break …

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Sharing Flow or Power App with O365 M365 group

microsoft 365 group power apps flow

Power Apps and Flows within Power Automate can be shared with a M365/O365 group only if you make this group security enabled. In this blogpost I will use both the term M365 groups and O365 groups. Office 365 groups were renamed to Microsoft 365 groups. To check if a M365 group is security enabled, you need PowerShell. To make it …

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Updating multiple people column with Power Automate

update multiple person people column string

Starting a flow from a list or document library is possible using the “For a selected item” or “For a selected file” trigger in Power Automate. When starting that flow, you can add the “Mail” field to insert multiple people. We want to update a multiple people column based on the input we provide here: After running the flow, we …

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Updating SharePoint column with REST API call in Power Automate

sharepoint rest api update list library

Sometimes you need to do a SharePoint REST call instead of using out of the box actions in Power Automate. Some reasons: You want to write to multiple libraries by defining a dynamic site addressYou get a “too many lookups” error when using the out of the box SharePoint “Update item” action This is not always easy. Complexity depends on …

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Time/hour not correct with Power Automate and SharePoint

power automates sharepoint time not correct

When you get data from SharePoint into Power Automate and send the output to someone or another system, it can happen that the time is not correct. We created a simple flow that gets a list item from a SharePoint list, and sends the details by email. The first list item has time value 13:00 (or 1PM). Within Power Automate, …

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Styling a HTML table in Power Automate

power automate css style html table

In one of my previous blogpost, we learned how to send a weekly report mail with data of a SharePoint list. The table was not so beautiful. There wasn’t even a border to separate columns or rows. We want to achieve a styled table: We have two ways to add styling to the table. The first way is the most …

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Limitations of Project Oakdale in Teams

project oakdale limitations

Project Oakdale opens the road to a new data layer and many new features that were not available yet. Until now, we had following choices to store the data of a Power App: SharePointSQL (Premium connector)CDS (Premium connector)… Previously, CDS was premium. With Project Oakdale, you can use some kind of light CDS that is included in most of the …

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